We Believe…

That Children…

  • Are successful competent and capable learners and should be given time to learn, grow, play, investigate, explore their world, and experience fun through play-based learning.
  • Have the rights to voice, be heard and feel safe to self-express.
  • Should be guided, supported and encouraged to grow and become future leaders.

That The Educator…

  • Understands that the contribution of families, communities and educators are paramount in the development of the children and work collaboratively to ensure that children are given every opportunity to succeed.
  • Are viewed as professionals who are dedicated and committed to the life-long learning skills and adopt a growth mindset.
  • Are being reflective of current practices and contributes to continuous improvement to ensure quality outcomes underpin practice.
  • Contributes to the ongoing wellness and wellbeing of our team and are active participants to promoting quality of life, acceptance and resilience.

That the families and the community…

  • Embrace the holistic societies that entail the diverse, cultural backgrounds, practices, values and beliefs. Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander’s culture are acknowledged, respected and valued.
  • Contribute by showing their support, cooperation and active involvement in all aspects of the centre to create positive, supportive and collaborative partnerships.
  • Participate in the sustainability of our community and strive for a better quality of life for current and future generations.

That The Environment…

  • Is a safe, secure and nurturing environment, that promotes a sense of warmth and security; fostering each child’s individual needs and their transition into their educational journey.
  • Reflects high standards in health, hygiene, nutrition and safety for all children and adults.
  • Offers a well-planned curriculum based on the child’s individual needs, that provide stimulation, age-appropriate challenges and encourages the children to develop a range of skill sets; in alignment with the Early Years Learning Framework, Principles of ECE, Practices of ECE and the National Quality Framework.