Our Curriculum

We believe that as soon as the families share their visions and goals for their children, we will work together with the families to achieve these in conjunction to offering rich meaningful program that supports children’s current milestones and promotes all developmental domains: physical, social, emotional, personal, spiritual, creative, cognitive and linguistic. Programs that provide children with enough time to wallow experiences, figure things out, and think things through.

Our Philosophy

As children are in their routine, other than eat, sleep, watch their surroundings, we will encourage them to play! Why play? There is so much research on how learning through play is the best way to learn!
We are quoting from the ‘Mind, Brain, and Education’ writers (Weisberg, Hirsh-Pasek, & Golinkoff, 2013, p.108).

Our Squads

In Mirabilia, we offer ‘Squads’ for children to participate in within their attending days. These squads are voluntary for children to attend and not limited to. The learning experiences within the ‘Squads’ have many aspects of intentional teaching and those who run the programs in the squads are experienced experts in their field.